Keep your shotgun secured – for preference in a purpose built gun cabinet – when not in use. Ensure that no-one else has access to the keys – remember it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that unauthorised persons (which includes anyone who hasn’t got a shotgun certificate) do not have access to your guns. Store your shotgun ammunition separately from your guns. The law does not require you to keep shotgun cartridges secure; however, it is good practice to do so. They are best stored in a cool, dry place where inquisitive children cannot get hold of them. 
When travelling in a vehicle, keep your guns and ammunition out of sight, preferably in the locked luggage compartment. It is preferable to keep the guns in their slips or cases. If you have to park your vehicle for any reason, park it where you can see it – if at all possible. The vehicle must be locked and any anti-theft devices set. It is a good idea to park in a manner that prevents easy access to the part of the vehicle containing your guns, such as backing the car very close to a wall to make it difficult for a thief to get at the boot. 
Where possible, remove the fore-end of the shotgun and take it with you. There are also various security devices that can be used if necessary. 
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